Adventures at Kew

I finally managed to tick off one of the many things on my bucket list, in late February I visited Kew Gardens with my best friend Amy from Hygge Health. Like a kid in a sweet shop my eyes were like saucers and I couldn't quite believe I had finally made it, the iconic gardens and palm house were right there. A second visit in May, when the Temperate House which is currently undergoing refurbishment will be reopened, is already in the planning.


I think my favourite part of our visit was wandering around the stunning Palm House. The engineering it must have taken to create such an elegant building is awe inspiring. The shapes and repetition of the steel and glass so perfectly complimented the curves and chaos of mother nature. The incredible gigantic jungle plants seemed to threaten to burst through the roof with their enthusiasm, vigor and lust for life. It felt a lot like stepping into a jurassic park style post apocalyptic world, I kept expecting to see a dinosaur around every corner. I think I spent my whole time in there with either a huge grin on my face or my jaw on the floor. I can't wait to go back.



One of the many reasons we decided to visit Kew Gardens in February was because they had an Orchid festival on in their Princess of Wales conservatory. I have always loved orchids, with having a childhood growing up in places like Borneo I was lucky enough to see them in the wild. I also have a number of different species that I keep at home in my own indoor jungle. The variation of colours, sizes and forms still fill me with wonder and seeing so many in one place was truly spectacular and an assault on the senses. Even my camera wasn't quite sure how to cope with some of it.


Just before we visited we also discovered that there was an installation by Rebecca Louise Law called Life in Death. It was an installation of thousands of dried and pressed flowers all hung from the ceiling on wires. There was a narrow path which allowed you walk among the hundreds of strands and immerse yourself completely in the installation. Every time you looked at it and viewed it from a different angle it took on a different colour, tone and feel. There were area's of beautiful blues, vibrant reds and subtle whites, I could include hundreds of photos here and still not capture it properly. It was a truly immersive experience and I find it hard to describe how it made me feel. It was uplifting, humbling and achingly beautiful. We were so incredibly lucky to experience it, my words and the photos truly don’t do it justice.


I have been lucky enough in my 28 years on this earth to have visited some incredibly beautiful places. Kew Gardens is definitely counted among them now. There is still so much I haven't seen here in the UK, hopefully I can rectify that this year. Time to start planning more adventures.