Postmen are magic, Seed delivery day!

When my postman puts such wonderful parcels through my door I always get so excited!


Today my Chiltern Seeds arrived! After the wonderful and inspiring Flower Farming Buisness workshop at Farhill Flowers with Justine Scouller I spent a day making up a wish list of things I'd like to try to grow this year. Then in a bit of over excitement I ordered most of them. So this afternoon was spent reading and re-reading the various instructions (I forgot some of them needed a stint in the fridge) before beginning the process of getting them sown snuggly into various seed trays.

I’m doing my best this year to be very diligent in making notes of what I’m getting up to in the garden, what the weathers been like and when things are being sown. I was inspired to do so after reading Monty and Sarah Don’s book The Jewel Garden. I’m hoping it will help me keep track of what is doing well in the conditions I have and help me see if anything really doesn’t do well. After all we learn the most from failure do we not.

One of my many garden failures has been trying to grow various Rudbeckia from seed with little to no success so I asked Justine for any tips. After discerning that I seemed to be doing all the correct things she suggested it might be the seed supplier and to try Chiltern Seeds. I had previously grown from Thompson and Morgan or Mr. Fothergills so will be very interested to see if the germination rates will be better. So here’s to keeping all your fingers crossed for little green leaves to start popping up.