Dreams really do come true


So I'm very excited to share with you all that a big dream of mine is actually coming true! Earlier this year I decided to take the plunge and started to work on my dream of becoming a cut flower farmer. A couple of months ago I signed up and became a member of a wonderful community of British flower growers called Flowers from the Farm. It's given me access to the most amazing community full of advice, encouragement and support.


The second part of this dream was to somehow one day be part of the RHS Chelsea flower show. RHS Chelsea is one of the biggest and most prestigious flower shows on earth and I watch the footage every year. I always thought that this part of my ambition would be a very long way into my future. I've been very nervous to say anything in case I wouldn't be able to pull it off but here goes, I will be providing some cut flowers for Chelsea this Year!! On May 19th I will be joining up to 100 flower growers from Inverness to the Scillies for Flowers from the Farm’s first appearance at the RHS Chelsea Flower show. This inspiring network of small scale flower growers has given their time to plan organise and supply flowers for our Chelsea display which will also be built and manned by members, all without any corporate sponsorship. The display with be completely floral foam free as we strive the make the British cur flower industry more environmentally friendly.

Though this year my contribution is small I’m bursting with pride to be a part of it all and am even more eager this year to watch all the footage of the show. Turns out that sometimes dreams really do come true.

The Flowers from the Farm display can be found in the centre of the Great Pavilion so if your visiting please pop along and say hello to some of our wonderful members.